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Leading a Team Productivity Reboot

Join an interactive discussion with Jason Atwood, Arkus COO and GTD® Certified Trainer, and Amanda Blue from Nelnet, on how to transform productivity and workflow with the installation of a new team operating system.

May 19th, 2021 12:30pm EST Your Desk!

Run an Agile, Productive, and Proficient Team

Are you facing an onslaught of information from digital channels? Getting too many alerts? Staring down a full email inbox or calendar full of meetings? There’s an app for that.

It's Possible to Successfully Reboot Your Workflow

At Arkus, we run on what we call our APP — our three pillars of Agility, Productivity, and Proficiency. With it we have completed more than 1500 projects for more than 500 clients. What happened when we installed our organizational operating system into another company and trained a new team team in our productive Arkus ways? Freedom, relief, and a workflow overhaul you can experience too.  

Find out What Ultra-Productive Teams Know

  • What is involved when you shift organizational methodology?
  • How can ground floor up change take place in a large organization?
  • How and why do you need to change your tools and channels?
  • How does a team get started with a productivity overhaul?

Hear a Story of Transformation and Success

Join this 45-minute interactive conversation about the impact that a productivity overhaul had for Amanda Blue and her Nelnet team. Discover the secrets and steps to productive success, and get answers about how to replicate this with your team in Q&A. Unable to join live? Register and you will receive the recording after. 


More About Us

Amanda Blue


Amanda Blue leads a team of Salesforce Administrators on behalf of Nelnet Business Services. She is passionate about: leveraging Salesforce capabilities to improve business process; applying and sharing the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity methodology; and her family.

Amanda also owns and operates a business importing lavender from southern France. Barring a pandemic, you’ll find her and her handmade lavender products at the Haymarket Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings.


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Jason Atwood is COO & Co-Founder of Arkus, Inc., Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, and overly certified consultant. Practicing Getting Things Done® (GTD) since 2004 and a certified GTD Trainer. Listen to Jason on the OmniFocus podcast talk about his GTD practice.

Jason Atwood

Nelnet Business Services provides payment technology and community management solutions for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, churches, and businesses in the U.S. and internationally. We serve more than 1,300 higher education institutions and 11,500 K-12 schools across the globe. 

Arkus has completed more than 1500 Salesforce projects with more than 500 clients since our founding in 2010. As a team we hold more than 160 Salesforce certifications, and have been named Nonprofit Cloud Engagement, Fundraising, and Program Management Experts by Salesforce. Learn more about us on the Salesforce AppExchange or our website


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