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The Quick Guide to Going Paperless for an Organization

Prepare to streamline efforts, reduce waste, take action on environmental goals, and get a lot more done with less, in this look at how to go paperless. 

March, 31st, 2022 12:15pm ET Wherever You Are!

Our Paperless Guide Outline:

  • What the impacts and rewards of going paperless are 
  • How to easily reduce or eliminate paper use 
  • The best tools and software to replace paper 
  • How to get teams and others on board 
  • Where to start and simple actions to take now 
  • Time for Q&A 

Read more about how and why to go paperless in this post on the Arkus blog, "The Path to Net Zero: How Nonprofits Go Paperless."

If going paperless sounds like a complex move to make, it is likely much easier to do than it seems. The potential benefits for teams and the planet are immense. Arkus has shifted our remote company to paperless collaboration over the last two years. We've helped clients achieve the same success, with Salesforce and powerful cloud-based tools.

Clear any paper piles off your desk, shift any notebooks to one side, and come see how to say goodbye to excess paper and reclaim your resources. 

About Arkus & Our Lunch & Learns

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As part of our continued effort to give back, Arkus donated $25 to a food-based charity for every person who attended this virtual Lunch & Learn live. Come learn and help give lunch to someone else in need while you do. Our Lunch & Learns last year helped to make more than 10,000 meals possible.


Jason Atwood

Host Jason Atwood is COO & Co-Founder of Arkus, Inc., Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, and overly certified consultant who has been practicing Getting Things Done® (GTD) since 2004 and is a certified GTD Trainer. Listen to Jason on the OmniFocus podcast talk about his GTD practice.


Arkus has more than a decade of experience implementing and customizing Salesforce for organizations of all sizes. Salesforce has named us Nonprofit Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud Experts, in addition to designating us Specialists in a number of areas. As a team, we hold a multitude of Salesforce certifications and Trailhead badges. Learn more about what we do and check out other Arkus events on our website.








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