Arkus Webinar: Nonprofit Fundraising with Cryptocurrency

Explore why a growing number of nonprofits now accept cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency Giving & Nonprofit Fundraising

Is it safe to give and receive donations with cryptocurrency? Who are organizations working with that makes is possible for them to accept digital coins like Bitcoin or Ether? What is going on with fundraising and NFTs? Explore the world of digital currencies, assets, and their role in thriving nonprofit organizations in this video of our recent webinar. 


In this one hour webinar we cover blockchain basics, why crypto matters for nonprofits, the world of NFTs for good, how to get started, and Q&A + resources. This webinar is for blockchain enthusiasts and the merely curious.

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The content focus is designed for those working at a nonprofit — whether you're accepting cryptocurrency already or not — and relevant for anyone wondering what is happening right now at the digital intersection of tokens and donations.

Additional Resources

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About Arkus & the Speakers

Cate Howes, Sales Manager at Arkus, will lead this webinar with Arkus Engagement Manager and blockchain enthusiast James Bujold. James is a nonprofit program management expert. They will be joined by multi-certified Salesforce expert and NTF collector, Arkus Co-Founder Justin Edelstein.


Arkus has more than a decade of experience implementing and customizing Salesforce for organizations of all sizes. Salesforce has named us Nonprofit Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud Experts, in addition to designating us Specialists in a number of areas. As a team we hold a multitude of Salesforce certifications and Trailhead badges. Learn more about what we do and check out other Arkus events on our website.











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