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Make the Move to Salesforce

For years nonprofits and charities of all sizes were forced to make technology decisions based on the specific endpoint solutions available for various organizational needs.

A solution for fundraising here, a solution for programs there, and since no solutions were connected, nonprofits always found themselves sitting in excel spreadsheets trying to reconcile their data in order to tell their collective story to their funders and engaged constituents. 

Discover Uniquely Canadian Solutions

Salesforce changed the game with the advent of the launch of Nonprofit Cloud, a flexible data architecture built for organizations of all shapes and sizes that allows nonprofits to fundraise, manage constituent relationships, deliver programs all in one place. 

Join us for a uniquely Canadian discussion featuring the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and Tim Horton’s Foundation as we explore their journey to the Salesforce platform. While one organization started with program management and the other with fundraising both are well into realizing their vision of connecting their organization, their data, and business processes on the Salesforce platform.

In this Webinar, you will learn about:

  • The driving forces behind CNIB and Tim Horton’s desire to find a new solution and how they decided on Salesforce
  • Best practices and lessons learned as they prepared to implement, how they drove change and operational efficiencies throughout their implementation
  • How they were able to meet technology requirements specific to Canada such as French/English user access and Canadian Tax Receipting
  • CNIB and Tim Horton’s qualitative and quantitative ROI since making the move to Salesforce
  • How to get started on your journey!

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Ryan Boyle

Vice President of Sales, Arkus, Inc. 

Ryan is a 5X Salesforce Certified Solutions expert with extensive knowledge of Salesforce platform and legacy database migrations to the Cloud. He has 15 years of experience in the areas of Nonprofit and Higher Education program/project development and management, training, development and relationship management


Frank Lombardo

Senior Director of Technology, CNIB

Frank is an experienced technology leader who is skilled in strategic planning, budgeting, operational management, solution delivery, innovation, and business modernization, and serves as the Senior Director of Technology for CNIB. 



Katie Dewar

Manager, Funding Partnerships at Tim Horton Children's Foundation, Tim Hortons 

From a recreation background and entering the charitable sector, Katie, like so many other not-for-profit professionals has found herself wearing many hats! From events management, corporate and grant funding, volunteer management, or to donor stewardship and communication, Katie has seen the common and unique challenges that Canadian not for profits face and has learned how the right technical solution can mean a world of difference to a charity’s operations, and their bottom line. While spearheading the Tims Camps donor database migration to Salesforce, Katie managed multiple additional integrations with cloud-based solutions like Pardot, Conga, Causeview, and Eventbrite, and now continues to advise on new directions of the Salesforce platform for the organization.

Nikki Kandhari

Enterprise Account Executive,




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